8'x8' Installation @ Reward in Philadelphia 2008. Hand Engraved and Stained Wood.  The text is from Bhagavad Gita As It Is  (chapter 2 verse 13) Translation and purports By His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada. The words were Sung by Sri Krsna to Arjuna on the Battlefield at Kuruksetra.
 MANY EARTHS An Exhibition by Clint Woodside and Myself at  Reward , 55 N. 2nd St in Philadelphia 2009. Photos by Clint Woodside.   The following images are my work from that show.   This exhibition was a great opportunity to showcase my love of typography, mixed media, wood burning, graphics, illustration, and photography. 
  Saturday Mornings: Adventures in Milk  was a multi-disciplinary art event that celebrated the spirit of imagination, fun and the adventures that took place over a big bowl of cereal on a Saturday Morning.
 I am one of the featured artists in Hand Job, A catalog of type compiled by Michael Perry Published by Princeton Architectural Press. These scans are from Google Library.  (I did not design the cover)
 Co-op with Clint Woodside. Made for Green Patriot Posters.  Poster Design for the Green Patriot Poster series and Book. Available on Amazon.com The "Mugs" poster was also featured an exhibition in Portland, OR, A lecture at Portland State University and in the Green Patriot Posters book which is available from Amazon.com. Cover by Shephard Fairey. The posters in the book went on to be shown in multiple galleries and lecture series across the country. 
 A few old indie flyers from the early 2000's in Philadelphia.
 Selected digital and film (35mm, 120mm) shots from around the globe.