I started my career as a graphic designer at Urban Outfitters in 2001. I was hired by then Art Director  Jeremy Dean  who I consider to be an amazing designer, mentor and friend. He encouraged me, gave me room to grow, make my own mistakes and taught me a staggering amount about typography, and graphic design. 
 Leading the design of everything music related also meant designing posters. As a printmaker this was one of my favorite projects. Working with amazing musical artists and printmakers in combination was right up my alley as a kid that grew up making punk and hardcore posters by hand. 
 One of the very first shirts I designed for URBN. The doodle tees were my first hit apparel graphics as well. 
 I was lucky enough to work on the first Charlie Brown Tree(s) that URBN sold. We officially licensed the tree and a few images from Peanuts. I was responsible for the packaging design, type and any other art. The twist was that everything had to be approved by the Schultz family directly.